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Lee Tergesen Buyer's Guide

Here's an extensive (albeit U.S.-centric) resource for finding copies of Lee Tergesen's movies and TV shows on DVD or tape.

The information below is based primarily on my own buying experiences. If I link to a seller, it's because I have found that source to be reliable and/or easy to use. I do not receive a commission, cut or kickback for any links. This page is set up purely as a service to fellow fans.

If a title is commercially available, you could probably find it via many online retailers. But I've linked primarily to Amazon.com because I've found it's quick, easy, informative and offers the widest array -- new and used. Amazon also ships internationally and has an international section with a limited amount of PAL-format or Region 2 tapes/DVDs for European fans.

Please note that many of the movies and TV shows may also be available via NetFlix or similar rental company. That's a good way to get individual episodes that are part of a DVD set. Many also often are on TV. 

Have any questions? Any leads? Find any broken links? Please contact me, Diane.
Movies and TV movies
2nd Take   Available via download
Helena from the Wedding   Available on DVD
Generation Kill   Available on DVD
Bury My Heart 
at Wounded Knee
Available on DVD
Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
The Beginning
Available on DVD in Unrated version and Theatrical release version
Pineapple Available on DVD
The Exonerated Available on DVD
The Forgotten Available on DVD
Extreme Dating Available on DVD
A Thief of Time Available on DVD
Monster Available on DVD and Special Edition DVD
Bark Available on DVD
Mergers & Acquisitions Available on DVD
The Boys of Sunset Ridge Available on DVD
Shot in the Heart Available on DVD
Wild Iris Available on VHS
Shaft Available on DVD
Diamonds Available on DVD
Desert Heat Available on DVD
George B. Available on DVD
The Shot Available on VHS
Wayne's World 2 Available on DVD and in Wayne's World 1&2: The Complete Epic
Wayne's World Available on DVD and in Wayne's World 1&2: The Complete Epic
Darkness Before Dawn Available on DVD
Session Man Available on DVD
Cast a Deadly Spell Available on VHS
Point Break Available on DVD and a Pure Adrenaline Edition DVD 
The Killing Mind Available on DVD
Invasion of the Mind Benders Released on VHS, but hard to find. 
Try VideoScreams.com (listed as available on linked page)
TV series and episode appearances
Generally available titles:
Masters of Horror DVD available
The Unit Season 2 DVD set available
Wanted Not officially released. Promo DVDs of some episodes occasionally are available on eBay.
Oz All seasons available on DVD
Desperate Housewives Season 2 DVD set available
Rescue Me Season 2 DVD set available
Weird Science Seasons 1 & 2 DVD set available; Also viewable at Hulu.com
Homicide: Life on the Street Season 1, 3, and 5 DVD sets available.
Law & Order Ghosts episode is part of the L&O 2006 Emmy screener set, sometimes available on eBay. Also available for download through iTunes via TV.com
Prescription for Death episode is on the Season 1 DVD set
CSI Compulsion episode part of the Season 5 DVD set
The 4400 Becoming episode part of the Season 1 DVD set
Law & Order: CI Baggage episode part of the Season 2 DVD set
Cracker Sons and Lovers part of the U.S. series DVD set 
JAG Brig Break episode part of Season 1 DVD set
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids  Honey, the House Is Trying to Kill Us viewable on HISTK.TV
Generally unavailable: Reason, note or alternative (or check with Diane for availability)
Waterfront Unaired episode; series shelved by CBS
Southern Comfort Unaired, unsold pilot
The Beat Series not officially released. Sometimes airs outside U.S.
Point Pleasant Lee was in the unaired version of pilot.
The Handler Pilot sometimes airs on HDNET TV. 
Queens Supreme One Angry Man sometimes airs on HDNET TV
ER Insurrection often airs on TNT
Hack Pilot sometimes airs on HDNET TV
Third Watch Sex, Lies & Videotape sometimes airs on A&E
Saturday Night Live Episode with Jerry Seinfeld in Oz sometimes airs on E! TV
The Hoop Life Communication Breakdown sometimes airs outside U.S.
Touched by an Angel Lady of the Lake sometimes airs on Hallmark Channel
Breaking the Law MTV special in 2003
Duckman The Color of Naught
Hudson Street In the Line of Duty
Philly Heat  Pilot episode
Acting Sheriff Unsold pilot
Touching Spirit Bear  Audiobook available on cassette tape and CD