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Acting Sheriff

Unsold pilot
Aug. 17, 1991

Lee Tergesen plays Robbie, one of two "perpetrators" hauled into a small-town station house in this half-hour comedy.

This show aired on CBS on Aug. 17, 1991, but was not picked up as a series. Thus, it is categorized as an unsold pilot.

Robert Goulet starred as the central character, Brock McCord, a has-been actor elected sheriff of a Northern California town. In a New York Post interview Aug. 27, 2005, Lee says Goulet was "quite good." And he was -- a very funny parody of himself.

But back to Lee ...

Robbie and the other perp, Doug, make their entrance in the opening scene. They are brought in by a deputy played by Diane Delano (who has made a career playing law enforcement types, most notably in "Northern Exposure"). The deputy explains that the two are being booked on a 499-B -- "grand theft auto."

Lee's character scoffs in his Terry-from-Wayne's World tone: "I don't think a '73 Cutlass qualifies as grand."

Robbie and Doug are then put in a holding cell. (Lee, playing a character behind bars. Imagine that.)

Two deputies discuss the impending arrival of the new sheriff. When Robbie and Doug hear that the new sheriff is the famous actor Brent McCord, they get all excited. Doug says has seen all his movies at least five times. 

Robbie, doing his best Robert Goulet, er, Brent McCord imitation, adds: "My favorite one is where he walks into the bad guy's hangout and says, 'I'm going to hell ... anyone need a lift?"

Giggles ensue

There are a few more moments of Lee-ness, but those are the highlights. He has about 5 minutes of screen time (a lot of it in the background) and a couple of fun lines.

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