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Invasion of the Mindbenders


This is one of those so-bad-it's-good flicks that seem irresistible -- and of course, seeing Lee Tergesen in a lengthy role at age 23 does hold a lot of the appeal.

Lee plays Charles "Crash" Hopkins, a high school student whose best subject is rock and roll. Crash and his best buddy, Frankie Lawrence (played by Skip Lackey, who also wrote the screenplay), run the school radio station. The "third musketeer" is Calvin, the requisite smart, nerdy, rich kid.

Roy Thinnes plays Principal Borden, who is slightly to the right of Vern Schillinger.

Is it a teen comedy? A science fiction conspiracy? Well, yes. The Principal Borden wants more order and respect among the students, so he enlists the help of a scientist, Dr. Gunbow of the Behaviour Modification Research Institute. 

After taking over the school radio station -- to the outrage of Crash and Frankie -- Dr. Gunbow launches a behavior modification experiment where subliminal sounds are piped into a classroom to control the more unruly students. 

Crash and Frankie unknowingly thwart the plan by their constant use of headphones. Their classmates, however, succumb to the mind control and become model students. (Calvin isn't part of the experiment because he's not in the classes for juvenile delinquents.)

The boys become increasingly alarmed about their classmates' behavior, and Calvin figures out the mind control angle -- especially when Dr. Gunbow apparently is taking it to the next level. During "private conferences" with some of the students, he is putting their brains into "beta" to make them even more suggestible. The antidote, Calvin says, is to take them to a higher frequency, "Like during peak athletic activity, listening to loud rock music. Preorgasm."

"That's it!" Crash exclaims, undoing his pants. "We get everyone to jerk off!" But the other two stop him, and they plot to re-take the school radio station and blast rock and roll music to put everyone's mind right.

The plan succeeds, of course, but not without a lot of chasing around the high school at night. Zombie students attack Crash and Frankie while Calvin tries to re-wire the radio station. Dr. Gunbow is revealed to be an alien.

Rock and roll, however, prevails and saves mankind.

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