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Law & Order

Prescription for Death
Episode 1.1 - Sept. 13, 1990

Lee Tergesen utters just about the first line in the first episode of one of TV's greatest franchises.

Episode 1 of "Law & Order" opens by panning across an emergency room. The camera pauses on pony-tailed, hand-cuffed Lee Tergesen. He hollers: "I'm not the guy you should have brought in here!" He looks like he's been in a fight, and he's being restrained by policemen and tended to by a doctor. 

Lee can be seen in the background as the scene unfolds. Doctors and nurses frantically tend to a young woman who is having a seizure. She dies, even though her illness was not believed to have been that serious, setting up the homicide investigation. Her distraught father is played by John Spencer -- then of "L.A. Law" and now of "West Wing."

Lee's part, as a character named Clemens, is over before the opening credits roll.

"Law & Order" was his one and only TV appearance before leaving New York for Los Angeles, where he almost immediately broke through with "Point Break."

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