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2nd Take

aka "Take Two" aka "Storage"
Feb. 1, 2012



Lee Tergesen plays Bobby in this small-budget independent movie described as  a "romantic comedy drama with a Hollywood backdrop."

The movie debuted as "Take Two" on Nov. 5, 2011, at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California. It is being released in the U.S. on Feb. 1, 2012, under the title "2nd Take" and the tagline: His past just met her future. It is available for digital download via outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Playstation, etc., and on demand via many cable and satellite providers.

The movie was directed by John Suits and is billed as an uplifting comedic love story about a man who is trying to forget his past and a woman who can’t wait for her bright future to begin. Drawing inspiration from the timeless classic, "Casablanca," this is a smart comedy with a lot of heart.

Under the working title "Storage," the movie was filmed in late October-early November 2009 in Los Angeles. It also stars Tom Everett Scott, Josh Zuckerman, Sarah Jones, Tara Buck, Sara Woo and Yousef Stevens.

"Storage" also has been called "After the Rise," mentioned by actor Tom Everett Scott in an interview posted Feb. 16, 2010: I think the new title is called "After The Rise." [It's] a low budget independent, but I hear that it looks really good so I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that gets out to some festivals and gets some distribution and gets seen.

Here is the official synopsis:

The last time Peter (Tom Everett Scott), poured his heart out as a screenwriter, his work was a smash hit, commercially and critically. However, it took more out of him than he was prepared to give. He turned his back on the movie industry and decided to pursue a ‘less emotionally taxing’ career.

In an effort to escape from his inner demons, Peter purchased a storage facility in the heart of Los Angeles to get away from it all. His days are easy. His employees are crazy, but loyal. His painful memories are stored away. The only contact he has with his old life is with his agent (Lee Tergesen), who is desperate for Peter to write again.

One day Charlie (Sarah Jones) walks into his storage facility and changes everything. She’s a down-on-her-luck actress that’s determined to make it in the business, despite her lack of training. Peter takes her under his wing, first as a roommate, then as a mentor.

He convinces his soon-to-be bankrupt agent to represent Charlie, and pretty soon she’s where she’s always wanted to be, in front of the camera. As her success grows, so does her love for Peter, who’s falling for her too.

When Charlie’s has a big audition coming up, but is too caught up in her feelings for Peter to concentrate on her career, Peter must decide if his painful past is worth risking her promising future. In an homage to one of the all time classics, "Casablanca," Peter understands that in order for Charlie to succeed, she has to leave him behind.

Following is some information regarding the major characters in the movie:

Peter (Tom Everett Scott) is a former screenwriter who wrote a really successful movie called "The Rise." The movie now seems to embitter him. He now owns a storage facility called Rick's Storage Facility. Loves "Casablanca." Raised in a great family back East. Moved to Hollywood, wrote a lot of screenplays that went nowhere. Used to be married? In love? with someone (Lindsey?) who is now somehow gone. He makes a habit of hiring prostitutes about once a month.

Ethan (Josh Zuckerman) is a younger screenwriter who gets a job at the storage facility that Peter manages. He learns that Peter is "Peter Farrell" the screenwriter and wants Peter to read his work. Ethan accidentally sprays the hookers while washing down the sidewalk.

Bobby Stone (Lee) is an agent and friend of Peter.

Darren (Brad Culver) is a sharp young producer. He produced Peter's big movie and says he owes his career to Peter and "The Rise."

Charlie Dawson (Sarah Jones) is a young woman -- an aspiring actress. Peter hires her as a prostitute -- her first time doing it for pay. She proceeds to stay at his house. They become friends. Peter goes to Bobby to help Charlie get an acting job. She falls in love with him. He breaks her heart.

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