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Third Watch

Sex, Lies and Videotape
Episode 3.8 - Jan. 7, 2002

Lee Tergesen plays Jared McKinley, the father of a family that apparently has been killed in a robbery/abduction. 

"Third Watch" is an NBC TV series that tells the stories of a squad of New York police, firefighters and paramedics who work the "third watch" -- 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

In this episode, emergency workers come to the aid of Jared McKinley and his family. McKinley is wounded and flailing along the riverbank, apparently trying to save his family. He tells the paramedics that he and his family were abducted, robbed, driven to the river and shot. However, McKinley becomes the prime suspect when police determine that one of the cars parked along the river belongs to him, blowing his story about being abducted in another part of town.

While being treated at the hospital, McKinley overhears a dispatch about holding him for questioning. He flees the emergency room and makes a getaway by stealing a car parked in the ambulance bay. He leads police on a high-speed chase. When McKinley collides with another car, he runs from the scene into an apartment building. 

The officers giving pursuit at this point are Faith Yokas (played by Molly Price) and Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli (Jason Wiles). Faith is barely able to keep up (because she has been undergoing treatments for cancer) and collapses on the stairs. Bosco continues in pursuit of McKinley.

When Bosco finds McKinley, the two men struggle; McKinley gets Bosco's gun and shoots him in the chest (he's wearing a flak jacket and suffers a broken rib, we learn later). Faith finally reaches the scene and tells McKinley that she needs to check on Bosco. But McKinley raises the gun to shoot her, and police on an adjacent roof shoot and kill McKinley.


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