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Darkness Before Dawn


Lee Tergesen plays a drug dealer in a two-minute scene in which he tries to tempt one of the main characters into buying from him again. 

This made-for-TV movie aired Feb. 15, 1998 and was released on DVD May 3, 2005.

The plot synopsis from Amazon.com is as follows:

Mary Ann Thompson (Meredith Baxter) is a nurse at a methadone clinic, who’s haunted by a troubled past. She escapes from her sad childhood memories under the veil of drug addiction. The deception is so successful that no one suspects her of being a junkie.

When Mary Ann falls for one of her patients, Guy Grand (Stephen Lang), her problems begin to escalate. She inspires him to kick his heroin habit, while hiding her own addiction. The two soon marry and are determined to live a clean life. But, when their baby is born addicted to heroin, Mary Ann’s worst nightmare becomes a reality.


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