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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey, the House Is Trying to Kill Us
Episode 1.2 - Oct. 4, 1997

Lee Tergesen plays Mr. Carter, the neighbor of the Szalinski family in this episode of the TV version of the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" movie franchise.

The Disney-produced TV series aired from 1997 to 2000 and starred Peter Scolari as Wayne Szalinski -- the dad, scientist and genius inventor played by Rick Moranis in the movies. Wayne's family includes his wife Diane, their two kids, Amy and Nick, and their dog, Quark.

In this episode, the Szalinski home is burglarized, and their neighbor, Mr. Carter, warns Wayne that the world isn't a safe place. He also warns him about the "Men in Black" and alien abduction. (Mr. Carter's a bit of a crackpot.) 

Wayne decides that the way to defend his home and family is by creating FRAN, the Felon Repeller & Accident Neutralizer.

FRAN, of course, falls in love with Wayne and becomes jealous of Diane. This prompts Diane to ask Wayne to deactivate her. But FRAN acts first and causes a minor fire on the kitchen. Wayne doesn't know that FRAN started the fire; rather, he only knows that FRAN saved them from the fire.

Carter becomes embroiled in the story when he decides to investigate what caused the fire. When he discovers that it was FRAN, she locks him away. Later, Wayne finds Carter in the attic and learns the truth about FRAN.

Wayne decides to deactivate her, and more hi-jinks ensue, in a plot that has shades of "Circuit Courtship" from "Weird Science."

Wayne and Carter band together, and miss being slimed by FRAN. Wayne warns Carter not to touch the goo. Of course... he does. And he gets stuck there while Wayne saves the day and then takes the family out for ice cream.

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