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For Lee Tergesen fans, this sentence in a review of "Monster" sums up what you need to know: 

"Lee Tergesen ... lends his talent to one of the most harrowing seven-minute sequences you'll ever see."

Lee plays Vincent Corey, a fictional character, in this movie which is "based on a true story." It tells the dark tale of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, who killed seven men in Florida and was executed in 2002. 

Corey, according to this movie, was Wuornos' first victim. She kills him only after he inflicts extreme brutality upon her -- tying her up, beating her, raping her. 

But it's not true

To avoid controversy, the safest path in praising this movie has been to focus on the performances within the film. Most notable of course, is Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar for her performance as Wuornos. Theron underwent a remarkable physical transformation and undoubtedly deserved the acclaim she received.

Similarly, Lee Tergesen's performance has received notice, starting with director Patty Jenkins. Here's part of an interview with the director of "Monster," who has praise for Lee as a pro and what it took to do that harrowing scene:

INTERVIEWER: I love Lee Tergesen. Iím worried about him getting stuck in bad guy roles.

PATTY JENKINS: Me too. He was one of the very few people that I didnít go out of my way to cast against type. ... I needed to shoot that scene in a half a night. More than anything I was very worried about having an actor who would be afraid to go where the character needed to go.

INTERVIEWER: He is definitely not.

PATTY JENKINS: Right. I knew he could be comfortable with it and be acting as well. We could talk on a more subtle level of acting than just having to overcome the sheer graphic concept of what is happening. Heís done it a million times and he has that nice/scary guy thing. Heís so fucking brilliant and was so amazing to watch because he was able to convince her that he was nice enough for her to get into the car.

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