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The 4400

Episode 1.3: Becoming
July 24, 2004

Lee Tergesen had a guest appearance in the third episode of this limited-run series on USA Network in the summer of 2004. The episode first aired on July 24, 2004.

Lee plays Oliver Knox, one of "the forty-four hundred" who suddenly re-appear at a remote lake in Washington state after having been missing for years. None of them has aged, but each of the 4400 has come back with a special "talent." Knox's apparently is the power of persuasion. He's oh-so-charming. But evil, it turns out. 

Lee's storyline in this episode involves the series regulars -- investigators Tom Baldwin (played by Joel Gretsch) and Diana Skouris (Jacqueline McKenzie) -- looking into a new murder that has similarities to a series of slayings that had occurred 25 years previously. That was about the time Knox disappeared (Aug. 22, 1983, to be precise).

Baldwin and Skouris pay a visit to Knox, a vision of innocence and light as he tends to his garden. Despite their suspicions, the investigators rule Knox out because he has a solid alibi for the night of the murder and another man confesses to all the crimes.

As it turns out, Knox's special talent is that he has the power to make other people do his killing for him.


The TV Tome episode guide for the show includes this note about Lee during the filming of the show:

In the scene where Knox has the girl at knife point and Tom jumps out and clocks him in the face you're actually seeing Joel Gretsch punch Lee Tergesen in the face accidentally of course. It was the third take and Joel mistakenly connected. He felt horrible. Lee ended up with a swollen and bruised cheek and nose. He took it in good stride and even needled Joel about it for a while just to mess with him.

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Watering the yard
All innocent
Taking a picture

Flirting // More flirting
Drinking // Persuading
In the car

The bad guy // Caught
In the pod // Screaming

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