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Film premiere March 2007
DVD release March 2008

Lee Tergesen plays a character named Bruce in this independent flick filmed in January 2006 in Austin, Texas. 

In February 2007, Wood Entertainment, a international film distributor in Texas, announced that it had acquired "Pineapple" and plans to take the film to Cannes in May.

But first, Wood Entertainment celebrated its acquisition with a Hollywood-style gala during the SXSW Film Festival. The premiere party was held March 11, 2007, at a nightspot called Molotov. There also were screenings of the film on March 10 and March 13 at The Wave in Austin.

As for the movie itself, the plot summary at IMDb is as follows:

"Pineapple" offers a window into the frailties and fallibility of humanity. This gritty story exposes a world of rampant drug use and sexual experimentation. Brutally honest in its portrayal of a dark lifestyle, it shows man at his best and worst and how sometimes the two are nearly indistinguishable. The frank subject matter and accurate character portrayals provide an experience bordering on voyeurism.

Further plot points were described by one of the young stars of the film, Skye McCole Bartusiak, who said in an interview:

"Pineapple" is about a guy, a dad, who gets into the wrong things and messes up his family. I play his daughter and I look up to him and it turns out that he ruins the whole family and he turns out to just turn the whole story around in the end. [Steven Chester Prince, an Austin-based actor who also appeared with Lee in "Mergers & Acquisitions," has the role of the dad.]

The Wood Entertainment press release describes the movie like this: 

"Pineapple" strings its viewer along the story of a desperate man spiraling into a pit of self-destruction through drugs, sex, and deviant sexual experimentation. After his wife kicks him out and retains full custody rights to their daughter, Andrew (Steven Chester Prince of Prison Break) descends into a dangerous world, losing touch with reality and his job in the process. After a beating from his drug dealer, Andrew begins to discover who he really is and takes appropriate action in an unexpected ending that will knock viewers into next week. 

John O'Connell who co-wrote and co-stars in "Pineapple," had praise for the cast in a January 2006 entry on his official Web site:

It was a pleasure to work with so many professionals. We had a star-studded cast considering the budget. Lee Tergesen -- a veteran actor that most will recognize from his role on Desperate Housewives as Bree's AA sponsor and lover. But his skills run far deeper than that, as evidenced by a great performance.

O'Connell also noted that the "shoot went very well":

The only snag in three weeks of filming came when weather threatened an outdoor train trestle scene. We rescheduled it and got it in on the last day. A great wrap party started at Kenichi sushi bar moved to other bars downtown and ended up at our house in the wee hours, drunk and playing guitar. What a wild ride.

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