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The Color of Naught
Episode 3.4 - Jan. 27, 1996

Lee Tergesen is the voice Chett -- his character in "Weird Science" -- for a brief crossover into this animated show. "Duckman" and "Weird Science" were two of the USA Network's cult comedies in the mid-1990s.

Duckman is described at TV Tome as "the best show about an insane, alcoholic, sex-starved, murderous detective duck and his pig partner."

In this episode, Duckman (voiced by Jason Alexander) must foil a plot by his archnemesis, King Chicken (Tim Curry).

The premise concerns a product called Beautex that makes people stunningly beautiful. However, the Beautex craze turns out to be a "hideous plot" by King Chicken to get back at Duckman. King Chicken captures Duckman's girlfriend and his family and a few stray others -- notably Chett, Wyatt and Gary from "Weird Science" as part of a diabolical programming ploy by USA Network.

Chett is bizarrely drawn, and his brief lines include putting down King Chicken and his TV show: "Look your broil highness, we're from Weird Science and like most of this country we don't waste good babe-snaring time watching your pitiful little show." 

King Chicken reveals that Beautex really is a deadly virus that eats away at matter until it eventually devolves into nothingness. As the whole city vanishes, Duckman scampers to Beautex headquarters and confronts King Chicken.

However, he is momentarily distracted by the guys from "Weird Science." He tells them, "I never miss your show. I just wish it weren't so darn complicated. Who can follow those convoluted, twisty story lines." The guys' hope for rescue plummet.

Of course, Duckman saves the day, but not before the "Weird Science" guys plummet into the void. The "Duckman: cast is unconcerned: "Oh well, let their producers worry about it."

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