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The Shot


Lee Tergesen plays a character named Doughnut in a couple of very brief scenes. 

He works behind the counter at a coffee shop. His role is to serve doughnuts to a corny, hard-boiled police detective. The price is part of their routine: "On the house, deeetective." Lee also shows up in the final scene as an audience member at a very bad play.

The movie is a satire of the movie industry and is peppered with "cameos" like Lee's. Other brief appearances are by Kristin Rohde, who would wind up in "Oz" as Officer Claire Howell, and Tanya Lewis, Lee's then-wife. The biggest-name cameo is by Dana Carvey -- Garth from "Wayne's World."

That's significant because "The Shot" was directed, produced and written by Dan Bell, who played Neil -- Lee's long-haired, headbanging cohort -- in the "Wayne's World" movies.

Bell also was one of the two lead actors in this film, which he loosely adapted from his 1989 play of the same name. The movie was made in 14 days for a budget of less than $40,000.

It's a spoof in which two desperate actors, Dern Reel (Bell) and Patrick St. Patrick (Michael Rivkin) steal the work print of "Burnt Sienna Sunset," the latest production of an action director named David Egoman. A murder mystery and much silliness ensues.





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