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Wayne's World 2


Lee Tergesen returns as Terry, the cameraman, for the sequel to "Wayne's World." 

The second movie starts off a lot like the first, with an airing of "Wayne's World" on public access cable TV in Aurora, Illinois. But this time around, Wayne has hit the "big time": He and his TV show have moved out of his parents' house and into a renovated doll factory.


After Wayne (Mike Myers), Garth (Dana Carvey), Terry (Lee) and Neil (Dan Bell) wrap up the show for the night, it's off to the MirthMobile. Destination: Aerosmith concert. But the ratty blue Pacer doesn't just pull up to the curb anymore. Holy Batcave! The guys slide down a pole, Batman-and-Robin style. 

(In "Extreme Closeup," an extra feature on the DVD edition of the movie, Mike Myers explains that a lot of the 1960s references in this movie were signs of his transition to the "Austin Powers" movies.)

But there's still plenty of room for 1970's-era headbanging music -- as the boys head off to the concert to the beat of Golden Earring's "Radar Love." Terry is prominent throughout these early scenes, screaming, headbanging and being appropriately mirthful in the Mirthmobile and at the Aerosmith concert.

For reasons that involve dream encounters with a half-naked Indian and the late Jim Morrison as well as wanting to keep his girlfriend away from the clutches of another sleazy producer (played by Christoper Walken), Wayne decides to stage a music festival right there in Aurora, Illinois. The headliners of "Waynestock," of course, will be Aerosmith. Plus countless other mega-acts. "If you book them, they will come," Jim Morrison assures Wayne.

Wayne and Garth "travel" to London to recruit legendary roadie Del Preston (Ralph Brown) to help organize Waynestock. It becomes increasingly clear that Del has fried a few brain cells during his career, but he mesmerizes the roadies-in-training (including Terry) with amazing tales from the road.

But before the show goes on, Wayne suspects his girlfriend, Cassandra (Tia Carrere) of being unfaithful and hatches a plan to spy on her. He dresses as a construction worker; Garth masquerades as a cop; Neil is a biker; and Terry is adorable in a white sailor's uniform. I think you can see where this is leading.

When Wayne is spotted spying on Cassandra, the guys go on the run to escape from Christopher Walken’s character. Unwittingly, they wind up ducking into a gay bar. Inevitably -- and hilariously -- the quartet ends up on stage, dancing and lip-syncing to the Village People’s, “YMCA.”  


Waynestock is drawing ever near and Del Preston begins the roadies' training. This is another good plot device for Lee fans, as it necessitates Terry changing into a black leather vest for most of the remainder of the movie.

Lee is in two more brief scenes before the concert begins. One takes place during an airing of "Wayne's World," during which Terry advises Wayne to stop talking about the naked Indian and Jim Morrison’s ghost. 

And the other scene occurs as zany vintage comedian Rip Taylor relates how he came to agree to appear at WayneStock, sitting next to the ever-attentive Terry as he does so.

Then, we’re on to the concert, where Terry is dressed in his roadie uniform – dark sunglasses, black leather vest with no shirt, black jeans, a couple of rings and leather necklaces and a number of chains and metal accessories hanging on his belt. He does a sound check with Chris Farley. There are a few more glimpses of roadie Terry before the end of the flick, as Wayne, Cassandra -- and Aerosmith -- arrive just in time.

(Thanks go to Rose for her help with the synopsis.)


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