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Episode 1.7 - Nov. 6, 1997

The U.S. version of the TV series "Cracker" starred the late Robert Pastorelli as a brilliant but troubled psychologist who helps the police crack crimes. His ex(?) wife is played by Catherine McCormick, who played a police psychologist on L&O. A young Josh Hartnett is their son.

Sixteen episodes of "Cracker" aired from Sept. 18, 1997, to March 12, 1999. The episode with Lee Tergesen aired Nov. 6, 1997. He has about 2 to 3 minutes of screen time. 

Lee plays Dan Green, an ordinary guy who has a romp with Diana Falls, a woman who has slept with everyone at the local bar. The show starts with a bang. Lee and Diana (played by Lisa Blount) burst into her living room, panting and groping and rubbing while her teenage son tries not to listen in the next room.

The second time Lee's on screen is for just about 10 seconds in the bar, where Diana is on the prowl for her next man. She finds a fresh-faced guy named, gulp, Toby. She takes him home. They get comfy. He explains Toby is from the Hebrew, Tobiah, meaning "God is good." Then they have sex.

Next thing you know, Diana's home is a crime scene and her son is being questioned for her murder. The cops also interview some of the bar patrons, including Dan Green. This is the lengthiest and most head-on look you get of Lee during the episode. (Trivia time: One of the cops is played by Robert Wisdom, who played Lee's partner in "The Forgotten.")

The son later fingers Dan Green as the killer, and you get a brief glimpse of Dan being arrested. That's it for Dan/Lee on screen. It turns out that not only is he innocent, but he's also very boring, according to his wife, who provides his alibi.

The real killer is.... drum roll please .... Toby! Who looks more like the boy-next-door-turned-psycho than Lee usually does playing such roles. Heh.

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