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"Diamonds" primarily provided a showcase for 83-year-old acting legend Kirk Douglas, who was returning to the screen for the first time since his stroke in 1996.

Douglas plays Harry Agensky, a Polish-born former boxer who takes his son (Dan Aykroyd) and grandson (Corbin Allred) on a road trip from Canada to Reno to recover 13 diamonds he stole. The road trip, of course, becomes a bonding experience for the three generations.

Lee Tergesen comes in briefly as a U.S. Customs agent who questions the Agensky family at a crossing from Canada into the United States.

The border guard has little sense of humor -- especially when Harry Agensky jokes that there's a woman stuffed in the trunk. 

In a Metal Rules magazine interview with Lee, the subject of "Diamonds" came up, with the interviewer asking, "Was it kinda cool getting into an argument with Kirk Douglas?"

Lee explained, "The reason I did that [movie] was because the guy that directed it was the blond-headed guy on Weird Science [John Mallory Asher]. So I did that for him. They made be go in and loop every line and it completely changed what I was doing." 

But, Lee said, "I have to say that it was awesome to be there with Kirk Douglas." 

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