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Metal Rules magazine, for sale on eBay
Contains the Best Lee Interview ever!

Shopping with Lee Tergesen (PDF), Fashion Wire Daily, Dec. 16, 2004
Wizards of Oz, Sydney Morning Herald, May 3, 2004

Raw wizardry of Oz ending, Boston Globe, Feb. 23, 2003
Prisoners of Love, Variety, Feb. 18, 2003 (PDF)
Time off for Good Behavior, Crunch Magazine, Winter 2003
Profiles in Oz: Lee Tergesen, Windy City Times, Jan. 15, 2003
The End of OZ, Satellite DIRECT magazine, 2003
Oz review, Entertainment Weekly, Jan. 13, 2003
OZ review, PopMatters.com, Feb. 10, 2003
A grand slammer on HBO, The New York Daily News, Jan, 3, 2003

Oz Infinitum, Esquire magazine, 2003
Interview with Lee Tergesen, PlanetOut, July 18, 2002
Rosie's People: TV Spotlight, Rosie Magazine, March 2002
'Oz' Season Finale, ExtraTV.com, Feb. 22, 2002
Oz Jailbird Sings, TV Guide Online, Jan. 4, 2002

The Inmates of OZ move into a new Emerald City, New York Times, July 15, 2001
David Bianculli On Emmys and Oz, Variety, June 6, 2001
Someplace Like Home, The Bergen Record, May 6, 2001

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Oz: So good it's a crime, New York Post, July 2000
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Lee Tergesen does time as an 'Oz' inmate, Associated Press, July 13, 1999
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Homicide’s Music Master (Chris Tergesen), APB News, May 14, 1999

Interview transcript, HBO, 1998
Lee Tergesen sinks his teeth into return of HBO's Oz, News-Times online, July 7, 1998
Oz Beats Odds, Toronto Sun, Aug. 21, 1998
Chat transcript, TVGen, Aug. 18, 1998

Hollywood Spotlight Chat, RealHollywood.Com, Aug. 7, 1997
Escape from L.A., New York Magazine, July 14, 1997 (PDF)

Interview with Lee Tergesen and Michael Manasseri from Weird Science, 1996?
Lee Tergesen knows first-hand how 'Weird' the path is to acting, LA Times, April 30, 1995