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Touched by an Angel

Lady of the Lake
Episode 5.5 - Oct. 18, 1998

Lee Tergesen plays Blake Chapman in this episode of a TV show that requires the complete suspension of cynicism.

The series, filmed on location in Utah, features two angels -- Tess (Della Reese) and Monica (Roma Downey) --  sent to Earth to help people with their problems. Andrew (John Dye), officially the Angel of Death, helped them out on various assignments.

This isn't your usual, edgy Lee Tergesen-type role. "I'm in litigation about that," he joked to Entertainment Weekly in 1999. "They computer-generated me. I'm going to sue God for everything He's worth."

Despite the uncharacteristic niceness of the show, Lee's character is the focus of the story, he has a lot of screen time, and looks pretty darn dreamy throughout.

In this episode, the angel Monica's assignment is to help revitalize a dying lake, a dwindling town and the life of Blake Chapman.

Blake has returned to Lake Paradise, Maine, after 12 years away. He was once a rising hockey star. Now, he's a representative of the Mayforth Corporation, a development company that wants to purchase the property around Lake Paradise. The townspeople think that Mayforth wants to build a resort, which would benefit them all, but the real plans are for an outlet mall.

Blake is stunned when "Monica's Bait and Tackle Shop" springs up on the lakeshore, especially when he realizes that Mayforth doesn't own the patch of land the shop rests on. Monica refuses to sell the shop, thereby impeding the company's progress and infuriating Blake and the townspeople.

The townsfolk include Laurel, the hearing-impaired proprietor of the Lake Paradise Grill, and her son Jeremy. Laurel is surprised to see Blake again, and their history is gradually revealed.

Blake had suddenly left town after an accident on the lake ruined his chances of becoming a professional hockey player. Turns out he wrecked his knee when he knelt on the ice to propose to Laurel. The ice broke, and the couple nearly drowned.

One night, amid the turmoil of the Mayforth development, Blake goes to the lake to think. He is visited by Monica, who reveals herself as the angel -- the Lady of the Lake -- who saved Blake and Laurel the night of the accident. She tells him that God spared Blake's life so that he would realize life to its full potential.

After some time in deep reflection, Blake realizes that Jeremy is his son. Blake reunites with Laurel, and the next day they go to the lake, where, in front of the townspeople, Blake tears up the Mayforth contracts, proposes to Laurel, and makes peace with himself. At the same time fish and birds return to the miraculously revitalized lake.


Laurel is played by Kathy Buckley, who was born with a hearing impairment and overcame many other obstacles to become a celebrated stand-up comic. In 1998, Buckley was appearing in Los Angeles in a highly acclaimed one-woman show called "Don't Buck With Me." As a result of the success of that show, the producers of the CBS hit series, " Touched by an Angel," invited her to make her TV guest starring debut.

Laurel's son, Jeremy, is played by Nathan Lawrence. Nathan appeared in an episode of "Weird Science" -- as Little Gary in "Camp Wannabe."


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In the bait shop
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