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The Handler

Pilot episode
Sept. 26, 2003

Lee Tergesen plays a detective who turns to the FBI for help in finding a young woman who's been missing for three months. 

Lee is in one of three storylines woven together in this episode, the first of 14 that aired (two episodes were unaired when the show was canceled by CBS in January 2004). 

The show follows series star Joe Pantoliano, who plays Joe Renato, a Los Angeles-based FBI agent who trains and handles undercover agents. He also works with local law enforcement agencies that come to the FBI for help in solving crimes.

That's where Lee comes into the pilot episode's story line. Playing an LAPD detective, Lee serves mainly to describe the crime, walking Renato through the missing woman's apartment and describing what the police have learned about her case. Lee has a few brief appearances throughout the show -- keeping tabs on the case and conducting stake-outs -- until the culprit is caught.

It certainly wasn't the meatiest of roles -- those belonged to the series regulars, of course. Pantoliano was captivating as the tireless FBI agent juggling his cast of "characters," and Anna Belknap was engaging as an earnest rookie agent. But Lee once again shows what a pro he is.


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