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Session Man


Lee Tergesen plays a sound engineer named Neal in "Session Man," which won an Academy Award in 1992 for Best Short Film, Live Action.

The film aired as part of a series of 30-minute movies on the Showtime cable network in conjunction with Chanticleer Films' Discovery Program, which produced award-winning short films from first-time directors. 

The session man of the title is McQueen (played by James Remar -- Richard from "Sex in the City"), who gets called late one night to do "a job." He's not a hit man, but an ace guitarist who's never quite made it big with his own band. He's a wizard playing sessions with other musicians and is making a decent living at it.

McQueen is called in to this session because a supergroup is having personal and professional differences cutting its latest album. Lee-as-Neal is in the sound booth, helping to record the band. He has a line or two -- explaining to McQueen that the band members hate each other. You can also see him in the background a lot. 

When the band's guitarist quits, McQueen steps in and nails the song (and looks very much like The Band's Robbie Robertson while doing so.) The other band members love him. He thinks he's finally made it. Then the original guitarist returns, apologizes, he's back in the band. The session man goes home but with the quiet confidence that he knows he can make it with the big bands.

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