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Weird Science

4.18 WS4

The whole ep was a take off on "Independence Day," only it was Groundhog Day instead. All the different high school groups were fighting and Lisa wanted it to stop so she transported these peacable aliens to teach the students a lesson. Turns out they were peacable because no one had ever challenged their power. They started blowing things up and everyone went running inside the school to hide. Even Lisa's power can't touch them.

Chett arrives on the scene with paintball gun in hand and shoots at them. He goes inside just as Scampi is about to give up and surrender. Chett calls him on his woosy attitude and they all get together and try to come up with a plan to beat the aliens.

It turns out there's a dead alien in Basement 51 (hee!) from 1981 that Scampi knew nothing about. They use the dead alien to make a costume that looks like it. Everyone chips in. When they ask for volunteers to wear the costume and infiltrate the ship, no one steps up. Wyatt says he'll go and Lisa gets upset. Gary starts suspecting there's something going on between the two of them and they admit they've decided to start dating. Gary gets upset and grabs the alien costume and goes outside. He gets zapped and they think he's dead.

Meanwhile, Scampi is tired of waiting around to die, so he goes into his office to call the authorities and gets zapped himself. Chett goes to find him and he's lying under his broken desk with a gas mask on. He starts talking to Chett, saying that he's dying and so on and he sounds like Darth Vader because of the mask. Then he tells Chett, "I am your father." LOL! Yup. And Chett realizes that it's why Scampi has always been on his back over the years. He wanted him to grow into a good man. Oh dear God, I laughed during this scene. So Scampi dies and Chett hugs him close and cries, calling him "Papa." I have mentioned how much I love Chett-Scampi scenes, right? *g* This was the topper.

At 3 pm, when the school is supposed to blow up, Gary appears and tells them that he's made friends with the aliens and given them a sense of humor. He's also married to one of the female aliens, who can give someone an orgasm by a simple handshake, as she demonstrates on Wyatt.

Then the gang all gathers around the piano and sings a song about the aliens and yes, Chett sings and plays the piano. At the very end, he sits at Scampi's desk and puts up a new sign - Principal Chett Scampi. Hee! A fitting end to a silly series.

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