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Weird Science

4.17 Genie Jr.

Chett and Lisa are living out a bad Japanese kung fu movie and Chett gets to make a lot of karate-type moves, including flying over the bad guys’ heads. Very hot and very funny at the same time. After they’ve dispatched a bunch of guys, one more comes in and says that “you’ll make an nice addition to my white slavery ring.” Lisa responds that it will never happen. The bad guy says he was referring to Chett. Ha! I’d have to agree.

When all the bad guys are gone, Lisa and Chett start making googly eyes at each other. Chett says he wishes their fun adventure would never end. Lisa says it doesn’t have to. They touch and kiss. He says he can imagine being happy with her forever, but then a not geisha girl walks by and he checks her out. Lisa gets upset and leaves him there.

She complains to the guys about Chett’s behavior. They’re shocked to find out she kissed him. Chett returns dressed and talking like some guy out of <I>Kung Fu</I>, saying he was taken in by Shaman priests on his journey back from China and that he’s a changed man. He’s ready to commit to Lisa. Just then, an attractive waitress walks by and he checks her out. She zaps him and he disappears.

The guys suggest she come up with some tiny relationship problem and they’re sure Chett will run screaming and leave her alone. She tells Chett she’s pregnant. “That’s a tiny relationship problem?” Gary asks, flabbergasted. Chett doesn’t believe her until she shows him her belly and tells him genie’s can get pregnant just from kissing.

He surprises everyone by getting excited about the baby. (What a grin he gives her!) She has to admit that she made up the pregancy and then tries to make it disappear. It doesn’t. Chett still wants to be the Dad. He helps her shop for baby stuff and runs into an old friend who’s a dad. The guys daughter kicks Chett in the balls and pukes on him. Chett packs his bags and runs off. The boys are not surprised. Lisa is distraught. (BTW – Chett is wearing a brown leather jacket during these scenes and looks very good in it.)

Chett runs into Scampi in the park. First they snark, then they bond. Scampi gives him advice and Chett is actually grateful for it. Scampi fondly touches Chett on the shoulder, who growls, “Move it or lose it.”

He goes back just as Lisa is in the throes of labor. He says he wishes he could take her pain away. She tells him he’s sweet and then transfers the baby to him. He screams in agony and they all rush him to the hospital. The guys search for an unconventional doctor and find one who drinks on duty. (He’s played by the same actor who played Agent Sculder on Flyboy.) 

Chett does a lot of panting and yelling. Finally, the baby zaps the doctor and then forces it’s way out of Chett as pure energy through his stomach. It floats out through the ceiling and into the universe. 

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