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Weird Science

4.15 Wicked Wish

When Wyatt’s mom sees her husband flirting with the pretty new neighbor, she feels unattractive. Wyatt asks for Lisa to help his mom see herself as beautiful. Lisa zaps her mirror, which tells her that there are fairer beauties in the land. She begins turning them all into statues.

When she puts Lisa into a deep freeze, the guys try to get her to wake up. Mom intervenes and turns their bottom halves into monkeys. They go to find Chett for help and he laughs at their condition, noting that he’s attached to his “creamy human backside.” When he sees their tales move, he wants one and agrees to help. They figure since he’s the first-born of the Queen (their mom), his kiss will work. He tries to kiss Lisa to no avail. They tell him to be charming. He starts saying all sorts of sweet and romantic things to Lisa, like “the moon has lost its luster, the flowers refuse to bloom. Lisa, bless us once again with the radiance of your smile.”

When it doesn’t work, he says, “Crap,” and tries again and tells her there are things he never said to her. Important things. She opens her eyes and he realizes she was faking. He takes everything back and she smirks at him and says she knows he meant it.

Lisa faces off with Mom and they convince her to shatter the mirror. After everything is settled, Chett asks Lisa on a date.

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