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Weird Science

4.14 School Spirits

Wyatt wanted to say goodbye to his dead hamster so Lisa temporarily killed Wyatt and Gary so they became ghosts. When she shocked them back to life, they were slightly annoyed with her. Then, at the announcement of the new library, a ghost appeared to heckle Scampi. Scampi couldn't hear her, but Lisa and the boys could.

They followed her down to the teacher's lounge, where they found two more ghosts - a guy in a painting and a headless shop teacher. The ghosts told Lisa and the boys that they didn't want the library built because Scampi would have to destroy the lounge to do it and that's where they lived. Gary and Wyatt suggested they haunt Scampi and try to change his mind.

Meanwhile, Scampi gets a tricycle for a gift as a joke from his uncle, and decides to ride it gleefully down the school halls after all the students have gone home. He runs into the picture ghost, who tries to scare. Scampi gets a little freaked and turns away to ride down another hallway. He runs in the girl ghost, who appears as twins and he gets a little more scared. Then he runs into the headless shop teacher in the bathroom, who tells him not to build the library. Scampi fearfully agrees.

But when he gets back to his office, he calls a ghostbuster/excorcist guy. The guy, Tommy, is really creepy and talks about devil worship and blood, etc. He goes hunting for ghosts with his ray gun and his first victim is the ghost of Wyatt's hamster. Then he goes after the others. Meanwhile, the boys try to convince Scampi to stop Tommy, but Scampi won't budge. So they grab his beloved model of the new library and run down the hall to the lounge where he follows them. Once inside, the ghosts scare him by moving furniture and throwing cups at him. Finally, the female ghost intervenes and wants to be nice to him. They get to talking and finally agree to build the library where the old one was.

Then Tommy comes in and aims his ray gun at the picture ghost. Scampi tries to fire him, but Tommy doesn't care. He wants to kill the ghosts. Then the female ghosts recognizes him as a former student. She was his music teacher and Tommy reveals, it was she that turned him on to rock music and eventually devil worship. He gets all melancholy. Then the headless guy reveals himself as the shop teacher and says that Tommy is the one who found his body after the accident. Tommy says, "Yeah, that's what pushed me over the edge," as if he's reliving happy memories. So he agrees not to zap them and all is well. Heh.

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