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Weird Science

4.13 Magic Comet Ride

Lisa keeps making stupid mistakes when granting wishes and she wants to learn more about being a good genie. So she travels to see a Yoda-like genie trainer, who teaches her the wisdom of the ages. She leaves a large, black box for the guys.

Gary and Wyatt fight over the box even though they are unable to figure out what it does. Chett pops into the living room and sees them sitting on the couch, their feet resting on the box. He’s wearing snug-fitting jeans, & a black t-shirt with a black and white plaid shirt over it. He looks good.

They are watching static. He teases them about it. Neither will move to get the remote because they don’t want to lose their spot on the box. Gary blurts this out and Wyatt tries to deflect his attention. But Chett says, “Lisa made it, didn’t she?” and pounces on the box. They all fight for it. Chett gets it away from them. “What does it do?” he asks, but they don’t have an answer.

The next day in school, Scampi calls them into the office because the box is causing distractions in the classroom. “And you’ve brought an undesirable into the school,” he says, referring to Chett, who followed them there. Scampi says he’s confiscating the box until dismissal. Chett says, “You always were a funbuster.” Scampi remarks on the boys’ obsession with the box, but when they leave, he can’t stop fondling it.

Later, Lisa watches a vision of the boys. Chett is standing on the box, calling himself the king of the box. Wyatt knocks him off and declares himself king. They all tumble and struggle over the box. When she returns, she tells them they had to clap to activate the box. Two gorgeous girls appear, each one desiring the exact type of person the guys are. They do a high five and the girls disappear again.

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