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Weird Science

4.8 Bee in There

The show opens with Chett showing off his pitching prowess at a fair. He wins prizes for the girls, who coo over him. Gary and Wyatt try the game, but they are hopeless. Wyatt blames his father for never teaching him how to throw a baseball.

So, they go back in time to learn to play baseball, but they wind up going into their parents' bodies. However, Lisa's magic once again goes a little awry: Wyatt correctly winds up in his Dad's body, but Gary ends up in his Mom's body.

In a parallel to the opening, the boys (as "dad" and "mom") are at a neighborhood fair. Chett is doing face painting and he makes a little girl look like one of the members of Kiss. Hee! And he's wearing the bad teen wig and he looks adorable in it.

Wyatt, as his dad, finds Chett and orders him to clean his room, his brother's room and start referring to Wyatt as "Mr. Wyatt, the greatest little brother in the world." Just then, litte Wyatt himself shows up, Chett chokes out the appropriate greeting and flees. Gary, however, teases Wyatt about what a "little porker" he was. A wrestling match ensues.

Al, Gary's Dad, sees his "wife" and "Mr. Donnelly" grappling with each other and comes over to see what's up. They make up a story, but I think you can already see where this is going.

The boys take off together the next day to sign their "sons" up for little league, and Al sees his wife leave with Mr. Donnelly. He follows them. In the park, Gary is complaining about the discomfort of his bra. Wyatt tells him to take it off. Gary says it's too hard. Wyatt offers to help and they go into a port-a-potty. When Wyatt/Mr D comes out of the port-a-potty with Gary's mother's bra, Al is shocked. The boys stumble over an explanation, claiming that a bee got inside her bra. Al does not believe them and tells Mr. D he can keep his wife. Then he storms off.

The boys decide the only way Al will believe them is if they show him a real bee sting, so they tried to hit a beehive with rocks but Wyatt still can't throw, so he misses.

The boys finally agree that they need Lisa's help, but she gives them both really bad hairdos (hysterically funny!) and makes them eat dirt to make up for doubting her before. Then she gives them gullible juice, which will make the drinker believe anything they say. They return home to try and get their spouses to drink it.

When they arrive, there is a party going on. Chett has friends over and he starts to apologize to his father, thinking he's in trouble. Wyatt/Mr. D. says he doesn't care about the party, he just wants to find Mrs. D. Chett is thrilled. He tells his dad, "You have really cool hair." When his "Dad" walks off, he mutters, "freak!" LOL!

Just then, Mrs. D and Al arrive back from dinner and they think Mr. D and Gary's Mom are having the party to flaunt their affair. Mrs. D starts crying and the boys launch into another explanation about the bee sting. It's a snow bee, they say, that seeks warmth in women's bras. Meanwhile, the teens at the party pour the gullible juice into the punch and they all start backing Gary and Wyatt's story. Al starts to believe and Mrs. D thinks they're all nuts. She starts to leave.

Just as the door opens, young Gary and Wyatt run in screaming with bees chasing them. One is a magical bee that Lisa knows and it dives right into Mrs. D's bra and stings her. She finally believes and all is happy again. *g* Mrs. D says, "I'll believe anything now and you can start with the hair."

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