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Weird Science

4.7 Show Chett

Brace yourself for The. Sexiest. Chett episode.

Lisa, Gary, Wyatt and Chett are at a café and Chett starts making sexist comments about women. Lisa is disgusted. Chett points out that women like to be ogled. She disagrees and tells her that he wants to be ogled. “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.”

So she zaps him onto the stage in a strip club. He panics at first, but gets into the rhythm of things when he sees dollar bills tucked into his pants. His career soon takes off and he heads to Las Vegas where he tries out for a club and is hired by Lily, the owner. Soon, he gets tired of stripping and wants to try out for a show where he can dance. Lily stops him but calling the producer and giving him bad word-of-mouth and pointing out he signed a contract.

He’s pouty and mad, so she humiliates him by making him work in her bottomless car wash. At one point, he is hired to go to a private home to do a strip tease. It turns out to be Lisa, who wants to see if he’s learned his lesson. He lies and says everything’s fine.

Later, when he’s back on stage and is the featured performer, Lisa pops in again and he finally agrees that he’s humiliated and wants to come up. Lisa tries to zap them home but can’t because of Chett’s contract. So Lisa must come up with a clever plan to get Chett out of it.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 10+
Chett Intensity: 10
Chett Humor: 10