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Weird Science

4.5 Forbidden Janet

Lisa gives Wyatt a virtual reality game that allows him to create this brainy, beautiful dream girl. When Chett hears about this, he remarks, “Just what the world needs. Another near-sighted cellist with zits.”

Wyatt falls hard for his dream girl and starts dating her. When Chett and Gary see how beautiful she is, they are stunned speechless. Then Gary gets hold of the virtual reality helmet and creates his own girl, thereby eliminating Janet. Gary’s girl looks like Janet except she’s brunette, and dressed like a goth.

Then Chett finds the helmet and creates his own girl (a gymnast) and the boys all fight over her. When Chett realizes that his girl is Janet re-formed, he remarks, “Pinched off my own brother. Bonus!”

Lisa warns Wyatt not to put the helmet on when they’re angry. Wyatt does anyway, and it creates this monster that personifies Wyatt’s anger and it wants to kill Wyatt and Chett. Wyatt has to destroy the game – and therefore Janet – to stop the monster.

There is a really yummy kiss between Janet and Chett in a Wyatt dream sequence and he’s wearing a wrestling suit during it. He wraps his hand around the back of her neck and kisses her. And then he looks at her lustfully as she walks on to Gary. 

Toward the end, Chett is working on his jeep in a mechanic's uniform with the sleeves ripped out. Bonus!

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Chett Guh Factor: 9 
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