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Weird Science

4.4 Gary Had a Little Cram

Gary sees all his fellow seniors applying for college and realizes that he's not at all prepared. He goes to Wyatt for help. Chett -- the ultimate slacker -- doesn't resist the chance to mock Gary as he works on his application to the same college Wyatt applies to.

Later, Gary asks Scampi for a recommendation. Scampi laughs so hard he can't speak. He continues laughing all the way home, all through the night and is still laughing when arrives at school in the morning. When he sees Gary, he starts all over again. Then he sees how down Gary is and he relents.

Gary goes back to Wyatt's to work on his essay and Chett shows up to mock him some more. 

There's not a lot of Chett in this episode, but the pajamas and open robe are a bonus, right?

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 9
Chett Intensity: 4
Chett Humor: 7