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Weird Science

4.3 Boys on the Hide

Principal Scampi is honored at school, but when his portrait is uncovered, it has been defaced and he’s humiliated. Lisa feels bad for him and lets him have a wish for more power. His office turns into a FBI-type headquarters and he starts acting like Tommy Lee Jones in "The Fugitive." He decides to go after the culprit who vandalized his picture.

They find a Twinkie wrapper near the crime scene and trace it back to Gary and Wyatt, who are arrested for the crime and taken away in the Bookmobile. They escape during the book fair when a kiddie train almost hits the Bookmobile. They run and ask for Lisa’s help. Lisa zaps up a pizza with the ability to see the crime scene. Trouble is, Gary eats a bit before the face of the perpetrator is shown. However, they do discover that the culprit is a one-armed man.

Scampi arrives at the house to arrest Gary and Wyatt again and they escape via the teleporter Lisa rigged up for them. They go to the school, where they run into Chett -- who only has one arm! When they ask what happened to his arm, he tells them that he used the teleporter to get to the school and deface the portrait of Scampi for payback. Just before he was teleported, he leaned over to grab his beer and he was teleported without his arm. Nevertheless, he’s impressed that the guys have been framed for his crime. “You take the fall for that? I’m even more of a genius than I thought.”

Scampi arrives at the school and throws tear gas at them. Chett escapes via the teleporter but the guys are caught. They tell about Chett being the one-armed man, but Scampi and his minions think they’re crazy. Wyatt pulls the fire alarm to escape. 

They try to figure out a way to force Chett to tell the truth, so they capture his arm, take it hostage and send him a ransom note. It comes complete with nail clippings. “Bastards,” Chett says. He goes to the library to retrieve his arm. They give it an Indian burn, but Chett won’t give in, despite the paid. Gary finally threatens to use Chett’s arm to scratch his ass and begins to put it down the back of his pants. Chett, gives in but then uses his hand to give Gary a nipple twister. Gary pushes the hand off and it flies to Chett, who reattaches the arm.

Scampi arrives and sees Chett with two hands, which he demonstrates by flailing them around. The loose arm flies off and Scampi goes to arrest Chett. He tries to escape but Scampi stops him with a mop. He asks if Chett will finally respect him. Chett says, “I gotta admit, that was pretty cool.” He chuckles and passes out. His hand is still on the loose.

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