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Weird Science

4.2 Girl Talk

Lisa wants to have a girlfriend she can talk to. The boys try to fill in the role, but it's not the same. 

Chett enters the scene and says, "I thought I was your friend." Lisa complains, "I need pepper spray to be in the same room with you." 

Chett is offended and assures her that he can be in the same room with her and not have impure thoughts. She decides to test him by attaching bolts to his head. Every time he has an impure thought around her, he gets jolted with electricity. He asks her out to dinner. She suggests that she could wear her backless black dress. He gets zapped by the bolts and she smiles smugly.

Next time Chett sees Lisa, he's calm. The boys try to test him by describing alluring images of Lisa. He doesn't get zapped. Then they notice his parents are rather bulky. He has stuffed ice down the front of his pants. "There's four bags. I'm in such agony that I couldn't think a sexy thought if you stripped naked and made me lick baby oil from your navel." He pauses for a second, says, "Uh oh," and gets zapped again.

Next, we see Chett trying to get the bolts off his head in all kinds of creative ways. He tries tying the bolts to a door knob and slamming the door. He gets yanked into the door. He tries tying them to the bed and jumping out the window. He ends up hanging in the air.

Meanwhile, Lisa has made friends with a girl who works at the coffee shop. She confesses her secret -- that she is a genie -- to her new friend and asks her to keep it secret. The boys are upset about this. Chett comes in while they're arguing. Lisa says, "You can't handle the fact that I have a girlfriend." The thought of this strikes Chett the wrong way, and he gets zapped. 

She's annoyed with all of them and leans over to whisper in Chett's ear, "Maybe Tish and I will take a bubble bath later." And, of course, he gets zapped by the bolts again.

At the end, we see Chett napping on the couch -- still with the bolts on his head. We see hands caressing his face. Two, then four, then six. He moans happily and opens his eyes to see several Lisas looking down at him sexily. She says, "Want to watch me do aerobics?" Sparks definitely fly -- through Chett's head!

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