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Weird Science

4.1 I Dream of Gene

Lisa's lonely so creates a machine to search for other genies. She finds one in Texas and beams him into Wyatt's room.

Chett is jealous when the genie -- named Gene -- starts flirting with Lisa. "Corral your longhorn there, pal," Chett warns. But he's no match for the handsome and magic Gene.

Gene and Lisa start going on wild adventures and they’re having quite a romance. But Chett has developed quite a crush on Lisa. He doesn’t want to lose her. He pulls out the big guns. He makes fondue -- "It's cheese and meat. How can you beat that?" And he's rented her "Howard the Duck, her favorite movie. He also made a wooden door plaque with her name on it. 

Just then, Gene and Lisa zap in from Alaska. When she shows off the totem pole Gene carved for her, Chett hides his lowly plaque.

The boys laugh at Chett until he points out that if she falls for Gene, she’ll leave them too. Then they start plotting with Chett. That night, he gets his stealth equipment and sneaks a tiny camera into Gene’s temporary home -- a teapot -- and finds the name of his owner. 

The next day, the owner, a Texas billionaire, returns to claim Gene. He lets on that Chett ratted him out and Lisa is upset and hurt. She says she thought Chett was a good guy and she can’t believe he would hurt her that way. 

He decides he has to make it up to her and gets in the machine to transport himself to Texas. He drops into the Texas billionaire's bedroom Mission Impossible style and steals the genie lamp. He rubs the lamp and summons Gene, who points out that Chett is his master now. Chett starts making wishes and then realizes he needs to make things up to Lisa. So he wishes for Gene to be free, thinking that Gene will then go to Lisa. Instead, he runs off with the maid and zaps a good-bye note to Lisa, along with a giant diamond as a consolation prize. 

When Chett returns, he tells Lisa that Gene died saving his life and all he could talk about at the end was how wonderful Lisa was. Knowing the truth -- that Gene is a cad -- she’s very touched by what Chett has done and she gives him a kiss, which surprises the boys. She takes the door plaque that Chett offers her (saying that Gene made it -- but she knows better) and throws the diamond in the trash.

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