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Weird Science

3.26 Strangers in Paradise

Gary and Wyatt are suspicious of a guy in a blond wig and peach leisure suit who seems to be watching them. Turns out, it's Chett. He’s been following the guys, hoping to catch them with Lisa so he can get a wish. 

Lisa is getting weary of all Chett's wishes since he found out she was a magic genie (see "Master Chett"). But he promises this is his ultimate wish and he'll never bother her again. He wants to be stranded on a deserted island and live like a man against the elements. Lisa agrees and takes him to the tropical island at the coordinates he gave her. However, she can’t leave because the island is in the Bermuda Triangle, which is notorious for messing with electricity -- and Lisa's magic depends on electricity.

When Lisa realizes Chett picked the coordinates on purpose, she gets angry. He suggests they pass the time by taking a ride on the "Chett Donnelly love flume" (complete with swivel-hipped dance moves). They argue and eventually storm off in separate directions. He warns her she’s going to be eating worms and begging him for help, but he’s the one who ends up eating worms and sleeping with snakes while she’s catching fish for dinner and lounging on the beach.

One day her foot gets caught between two rocks and she has to call for help. Chett strolls by and taunts her. She refuses his help at first, "Jerk." But she's stuck so she calls him back when he walks away. Turning back, he says, “Did I hear a please after that command? Must have gotten lost in the breeze.” 

One please later and he's helping his fellow castaway. He pulls her foot free, but pulls a groin muscle. They help each other back to Lisa's hut. Later, they talk and start getting to know each other and Chett reveals hidden depths. (Including flashbacks that explain why he's so mean to Wyatt.) Chett and Lisa eventually realize their attraction to each other and kiss. 

Then, the radio breaks in with a report -- in Spanish -- about a killer hurricane on the way. Chett doesn't understand what it's saying and sighs to  Lisa, "Spanish is such a romantic language." 

With the storm approaching, the two take shelter in the hut. Lisa is upset and snappy, prompting Chett to remarks. “Ever since we heard about this hurricane, you. have. been. in. a. mood.”

Lisa then realizes that she can use the lightning from the storm to harness her power. Chett is worried she might get fried and takes away the antennae she’s using as a lightning rod. He gets zapped and she kisses him to harness the electricity. He says, “Whoa, that was some kiss. My whole body feels like a bumped funny bone.” And then they zap back home.

Back at home, they have an awkward but serious moment where they decide to forget what happened on the island. They both seem kind of heartbroken by it and it’s a very sweet moment. It’s nice to see another side of Chett.

Chett spends much of his time on the island shirtless in ripped camo shorts. Definitely worth a peek.

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