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Weird Science

3.25 Swallow 13

This is a take off on "Innerspace" and was quite funny. Gary and Wyatt are ecstatic to get an invitation to a popular girl's rave party, but Chett eats the directions to her house. Why? "It seemed important to you."

Because the boys are too embarrassed to ask the girl for directions again, they asks Lisa to miniaturize them so they can go inside Chett's stomach to retrieve the invitation.

They drive their miniaturized "inner space" ship into a piece of pizza Chett is eating. He scarfs down the pizza, including the ship, but he eats to fast and starts choking so they end up in his lungs. Not a pretty place to be once Chett starts smoking his cigar. They then detour to his brain, where neurons start firing while Chett watches women doing an aerobics workout on TV. They finally find their way into his stomach and get the directions.

The trip back out of Chett's body is complicated too. They bump into his uvula and ricochet back into the lungs. Lisa steers them to his tear ducts because, at the time, Chett's girlfriend is breaking up with him. Lisa figures they can flow out with his tears. The girlfriend tells Chett that she's been cheating on him with his best friend and that the other guy satisfies her in ways that Chett never could. He's upset, but no tears. The guys are ready to give up when Lisa gets an idea. She pops in her "Greatest Hits of the '70s" 8-track tape and plays "Alone Again, Naturally" in his head. Finally, Chett cries, and the inner space explorers escape.

Later, Wyatt wonders where his watch has disappeared. And Chett's stomach starts beeping. 

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