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Weird Science

3.18 Family Affair

The main story line involves Lisa putting a spell on the family of Gary's girlfriend so they'll like him. Well, they went a little overboard and started stalking him. But he didn't mind when they started buying things for him, like a new car. 

Meanwhile, Lisa and Wyatt conspired to get Chett to stop smoking cigars. They keep trying to scare him into quitting. First, Lisa creates a smoke monster that warns Chett that he must quit this terrible habit. At the time, Chett was doing one of his other guilty pleasures -- watching a cat show. He rooted on the competitors: "C'mon! You can whip that Persian pussy!" So, when the smoke monster issued its warning, Chett thought it meant to quit watching cat shows, and he clicks off the TV. 

Later, Chett is lifting weights -- while puffing on a cigar. Lisa zaps up "future Chett," who has become mostly android because he's ruined his body with smoking. At first Chett is alarmed, meeting his future self. But once he finds out the android version is stronger, faster and gets more chicks, he changes his tune. 

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