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Weird Science

3.17 Lisarella

With Lisa's help, the guys save the president (actor John Hurley) and are invited to a ceremony where he'll give them an award. Lisa wants to attend the party, but they say no because she’s supposed to be a secret. Upset, Lisa decides she's going to go anyway.

Just as she’s getting ready, Chett comes in looking for Wyatt and says, “"t’s time for your weekly contribution to my beer-gut fund." When he sees Lisa all dolled up, he gives her a once-over. “Check out the Punky Brewsters on you!” he says. Lisa then zaps him, turning him into her chauffer.

Speaking in a British accent, Chett introduces himself as Keester, and will drive her to the ball.  He's dressed up in full chauffer drag, complete with false mustache. 

That’s the last we see of Chett for this episode.

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Chett and Keester

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 4
Chett Intensity: 2
Chett Humor: 5