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Weird Science

3.16 Lisa’s Childhood Memories

It’s the second anniversary of Lisa’s creation. Lisa wants her family there to celebrate. Problem is, she has no family. 

Wyatt and Gary develop memories for Lisa, along with outlandish family members. On the day of her birthday, they all are surprised when the family members actually start showing up. 

Her dad is a secret agent, her mom is a warrior princess, and her brother is a talking chimp. Later, her fiancé, Riptide, a wrestler shows up and proposes. The boys try to convince Lisa that the memories are false, but she won’t believe them.

Chett walks in and eyes the odd gathering. “Sweet smoking Elvises! Don’t you have any normal friends?” he asks. 

Then he notices Lisa’s mother. “Me Tarzan. You lusty,” he says suggestively. Lisa’s mother says, “I will smite you.” Chett replies: “Don’t tease me. Please me.” T

hen the monkey talks and Chett freaks out. 

Lisa creates a neural neutralizer helmet that makes Chett happy and playful, and he stays that way while the rest of the story plays out.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 6
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Chett Humor: 7