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Weird Science

3.15 It’s a Wonderful Life Without You

Wyatt’s parents are out of town and they fear Chett has set some kind of trap for them. After carefully making their way through the house, they get to Wyatt’s room, where a booby trap causes an ashtray to hit Wyatt in the face. Chett comes in chuckling. A Polaroid captures the moment. “I think I’ve got this year’s Christmas card,” he says.

Wyatt is upset and wishes Chett knew what it was like not to have Wyatt around. So Lisa zaps him out of existence. They end up in limbo and are able to observe life without Wyatt. 

Only-child Chett is a hard-working student who is geeky and conscientious. He does volunteer work and tutors other students, including Gary. Gary, in this world, is popular and a babe magnet. Wyatt is angry that his brother and his best friend are doing so well without him.

But it turns out that Chett is under humongous pressure and is about to crack. Gary has been stealing things and selling them for money, so he’s a mess, too. 

Wyatt wants to go back and Lisa realizes they can’t. If Wyatt never existed, then Lisa wasn’t created. So they have to find a way to get Chett and Gary to work together to create Lisa.

They try to communicate with Chett, but Chett thinks he’s going crazy when he hears and refuses to listen. So they get to communicate with Gary by talking to him through a See-and-Say type of toy Gary stole from the Toys for Tots drive.

Gary goes to Chett and together they formulate the program to create Lisa. Chett goes completely maniacal, putting on a crown and cape and bounding about the room. He is pure comedic energy! 

The show wraps up with Wyatt returning home and happily getting zapped by another one of Chett's booby traps. 

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