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Weird Science

3.13 Demon Lisa

They boys are having a Halloween party and Chett makes an entrance in Texas Chainsaw Massacre garb. But that's not the scary part. An evil computer virus takes over Wyatt's computer and starts luring people into his bedroom. The computer enslaves everyone who enters, sucking the life out of their brains. 

Then, it takes over Lisa. Everyone who goes into the room comes under the spell of Demon Lisa and she keeps getting stronger and stronger. 

The guys turn to Chett for help. This is a chance for him to put his military training to use. He gets fully armed and all dressed up in camouflage before going in, but Demon Lisa is too quick. She grabs Chett. When the boys go to check on him, they see Chett acting like a dog, laying a Lisa's feet, barking, lolling his tongue out when she pets him. She said she was going to suck his brains out, but it wasn't worth the trouble. 

The guys decide to call tech support for help, and the call is intercepted by a guy who'd been hunting down this particular virus. He comes to the house, a la The Exorcist. Chett the Dog tries to protect Demon Lisa, but the tech guy thwarts him by tossing a Frisbee and Chett chases it -- off the roof.

The tech guy finally lures the demon virus out of Lisa by teasing it with digital television. It gets sucked out through a satellite dish and ends up in the sky.

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