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Weird Science

3.11 By the Time We Get To Woodstock

Wyatt wishes they could go back to 1969 -- free love and all that -- so Lisa sets up a time portal under his mattress. The boys and Lisa dive in. But Lisa hits her head, gets separated the boys and suffers amnesia. Six months later, they see her being interviewed on TV saying she’s going to Woodstock. Roadtrip!

As they’re leaving the gas station where they work, the guys are almost run over by a multicolored VW minibus. They yell at the driver, calling him a hippie. The driver stops and gets out, angry at being called a hippie. Turns out the driver is Chett! He got sucked into the time portal when he was looking under Wyatt's mattress for girly magazines.  

Chett's plan is to drive to the Pentagon and warn the government about things that will happen in the future so that he can get the country on right track. The guys go with him because they want to get to New York to find Lisa. They figure the Pentagon is on the way.

They travel with a hippie girl and meet up with some more hippies along the way. One is a Southern guy named "Billy," who shares a cigar with Chett but doesn't inhale. 

Chett tells the hippies of his plans to warn the Pentagon about the future and they tell him to chill. He starts to bond with them, but then realizes they’re lulling him into a false sense of security. He gets up early the next morning and heads off with just Wyatt and Gary -- who Chett has tied up in the back of the van.

They get to the Pentagon and Chett demands to speak with someone important. He tells them he is from the future and warns them about Watergate and the illegal bombings of Cambodia. That gets their attention. The receptionist calls for security, saying the "ippi-hay" knows about "ambodia-Cay." 

Although befuddled about how he knows so much, the brass determine that Chett a national security risk. They're going to lock him up in a cell in the deepest recesses of the Pentagon. However, Billy and his hippie chick (apparently not Hillary!) come to the rescue, disguised as military police. They help Chett and the guys escape and they're all back on the road again to Woodstock.

They find Lisa there and resort to the time-tested way of curing amnesia: They hit her over the head and all is well.

Two other details of interest in this episode: Chett was born in 1971, and his middle name is Palomino.

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