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Weird Science

3.10 Chett World

Chett parties while his parents are away and trashes the house. His dad comes back early to find Chett in boxers and a filthy wifebeater, sucking beer out of a hat. 

His dad finally gets serious and kicks Chett out of the house until he gets a job. Of course, he can't find one that fit his skills and interests. So Lisa creates a store - A Man's Man's World that sells everything Chett loves -- beef jerky, paintball guns and ammo, cigars and monster truck paraphernalia. She turns two mice into the human owners and they hire Chett. The problem is that the mice make evil beef jerky that turns everyone who eats it into Chett-like drones. But worse.

One day, Chett is outside the store sweeping the sidewalk and cooing over some stray cats when a cute girl comes along -- Kristen (played by Lee's first wife, Tanya Lewis). She smiles and flirts with him, and he gets all googly-eyed in that adorable way he has. Turns out Tanya works at the health food store down the street.

They start dating, but Tanya is a vegetarian, so she doesn't fall under the spell of the jerky. Eventually, Chett realizes the evil plot by the mice/men and foils them by burning down his beloved store.

He rescues Kristen, but not before she is doused by concentrated jerky juice, and she awakens with a craving for paint ball.

The story begins where it ends, with Chett running madly down the street. The episode plays out with Chett providing a voiceover. Throughout, it appears he's telling the whole bizarre tale to the police, but hit turns out he's really talking to his father, who, exasperated, lets Chett move back in. 

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 9
Chett Intensity: 10
Chett Humor: 9