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Weird Science

3.8 It Takes a Geek

Gary sends Lisa into Principal Scampi's computer to get some personal information about a cute girl. While Lisa is in there, Gary figures she can change his grades, too. But the computer has a firewall for those files and Lisa gets locked inside.

Gary and Wyatt soon realize that they will have to break into the school to get Scampi's computer in order to free Lisa. They enlist Chett to help them. They bribe him with pizza, but he doesn’t agree until he finds out the target is Scampi's computer. He'll do anything to get back at his arch-nemisis!

He has a flashback (complete with his bad teen wig) in which he slicks the hallways with Crisco. His plan is to set off the fire alarm and watch as he sends the student body skidding. However, Scampi thwarts the plan, and Chett winds up spinning his own wheels on the slicked-up floor. 

Bent on revenge, Chett goes into secret ops mode. He trains the guys and sneaks them in through the vents. Very Mission Impossible-like, he thwarts several security devices.

The guys get to the computer room and are able to snatch the machine that contains Lisa. Well, they almost succeed. Chett is quite smug until the alarm goes off. The guys get out, but Chett gets stuck behind an iron gate. He bravely tells them to leave him behind. He didn't mean it. When they go, he whines. The boys come back and free him -- but not before he gets zapped a couple of times by the electrified gate. His own circuits get a little fried in the process.

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