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Weird Science

3.6 Grumpy Old Genie

Gary had been planning to take Lisa to the big dance as way to get in with the popular crowd. But he changes his mind when Lisa’s image file is hacked and she ends up looking like Abe Vigoda from "Barney Miller." 

Hurt by Gary's rejection, Lisa-as-Abe zaps the world so that it's suddenly hip to date old people.

One symptom of the spell: Chett is watching TV and all the ads feature old people doing cool things. Old men wash cars and swig Schmaltz beer – it’s shown as sexy. Then comes an ad where an old guy entices people to call to hear about his burning hot bursitis. Chett excitedly dials.

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Chett Guh Factor: 4
Chett Intensity: 3
Chett Humor: 6