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Weird Science

3.5 Phantom Scampi

In this episode, Lisa puts Principal Scampi under a spell where he sees Wyatt as his best friend. He even lets Wyatt into his very special place -- a room full of the stuff he has confiscated from students over the years. 

When Chett sees some of the stuff Wyatt brings home, he is thrilled to find his beloved butt hat amongst the booty. But the hat is just the tip of the iceberg. Chett wants more. So he goes to the school dressed in full combat gear to break into Scampi's vault. 

Once he finds it, though, he gets wrapped up in memories and starts playing with all the stuff in the vault. Scampi catches and captures him. He binds Chett up in all kids of junk -- ropes, Slinkys, etc. Wyatt frees Chett and follows Scampi down to the basement, where he has a whole Phantom of the Opera thing going on. 

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