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Weird Science

3.4 Chett-a-nator

Chett hides in the closet and discovers the boys’ secret – Lisa. They try to zap his memory, but it won’t work. It turns out he’s an alien disguised as Chett. They figure this out when he makes a call using his hand as a telephone.

Lisa tries to escape with the boys, but ChettClone follows her everywhere and takes them all back to the spaceship, where the aliens want Lisa to be the mother of their people.

The aliens are snout-nosed, ugly and all named Steve.

The boys scream at the idea of being abducted, so the aliens lower happy hats onto them and they act like they’re on drugs. Lisa agrees to do what the aliens ask to save her friends. She makes Steve promise to send them all back to earth, including the real Chett, who is also on the ship.

Back home in Wyatt’s room, the guys notice some stuff that’s not normal. Then Ted Lange from "Love Boat" comes out of the closet and offers them a drink. They realize that they are still on the ship in a simulation of their room.

Lange explains that he’s a memory plucked out of their memories to provide comfort. When he asks, "How about a shopping trip into Puerto Vallarta?" Chett replies snarkily, "Which Puerto Vallarta would that be? The one with the dissection tables and butt probe? Thanks, I’ve been there and it was no day at the beach."

They all escape into the air shafts, which turn out to be garbage chutes. They fall onto the bridge, where Chett has a battle with his double. In their struggle, the alien leader is zapped by a ray gun and vaporized. 

Now free, Chett’s double offers to have him come along to a planet where there’s a bunch of Drew Barrymore look-alikes. Chett happily agrees.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 4
Chett Intensity: 8
Chett Humor: 6