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Weird Science

3.3 Puppet Love

Gary meets a girl on the Internet and lies about his looks, etc. He doesn’t want to meet her but Lisa and Wyatt arrange a date. Gary is upset. Lisa creates a puppet to look like the guy Gary said he was.

The puppet goes out on a date, with Gary using his voice and a remote control. The puppet and the girl hit it off and Gary soon wants to horn in on the puppet’s action. The girl is appalled and doesn’t like “Gary’s” friend. So Gary asks Lisa to turn him into the puppet. When he lies to her, he starts turning wooden, a la Pinocchio.

Meanwhile, Chett wants to get revenge on the pigeons for pooping on his jeep. He tries to launch a remote-control plane to attack them but it crashes. He gets a more advanced model and it explodes, causing a car down the street to blow up. Finally, he gets a top of the line model, but the remote doesn’t work. Turns out, he has picked up Gary’s puppet remote by accident, causing Gary to jerk and twitch all over the café. He’s just reconciled with the girl by being honest, but the jerking and twitching put her off.

Finally, Chett gets a strap-on remote control with a satellite dish attached. As he ready to launch, he says “From hell’s heart, I stab at thee, pigeons,” in a Ricardo Montalban accent out of Star Trek II. I’m guessing he ad-libbed that. The plane flies away and won’t come back.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 6
Chett Intensity: 5
Chett Humor: 7