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Weird Science

3.2 Men in Tights

Wyatt, Gary and Chett attend a wrestling match. Lisa watches from Gary’s pocket. Chett gets wrapped up in the match and yells at one of the wrestlers, throwing a cup into the ring. The wrestler insults him by asking if he saw Chett at the Michael Bolton concert. Chett jumps into the ring to defend his honor. Wyatt worries Chett is going to get killed so he goes up to the ring to help out Chett. 

Gary wishes for Chett to be strong enough to stand up to the guy, and Lisa ends up zapping both boys so they each get half the wish and half the strength. Together they are unbeatable.

They soundly beat the wrestler and a manager wants to sign them up as pros. Chett’s all for it but Wyatt hesitates. He finally capitulates, hoping it will give him a chance to have some quality time with Chett. The fight under the names Uncle Slam and Paul Severe.

They wear a lot of tight-fitting, low-cut costumes which look good on both them. After one match, they’re standing the locker room and we get to see Chett strip down to his tightie whities. He and Wyatt bond and Chett actually grins and punches Wyatt fondly in the arm. He makes a joke about getting paid to moon people. Wyatt gets alarmed. “Don’t worry. Just the top. Pre-crack. No pimples.”

Chett throws his tights over the locker next to his and a German wrestler makes a comments about cooties. Wyatt tries to keep peace, but the wrestler and Chett get up in each other’s face and challenge each other. The manager makes them take the fight to the ring. But he wants to fight Chett alone.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 10
Chett Intensity: 9
Chett Humor: 9