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Weird Science

2.18 Spies R Us

Lisa creates a simulation game where the boys are spies. Of course, it goes awry. Gary and Wyatt must solve the mystery of a missing microchip before the game will end.

Chett appears as Agent 30-ought-6, who works for the good guys. Every time he appears, he drops down from the ceiling, clad all in black.

He keeps saving the boys, knocking them out and bringing them back to headquarters. One time he wipes out a half dozen cheerleaders intent on killing Gary and Wyatt. 

The spy boss (Gary’s dad) asks Chett if he searched the boys for the chip. He replies, “Full body cavity search. No chip. Just a handful of bad memories.”

At the end, he saves the boys from a laser beam, by leaning into the beam wearing a pair of reflective glasses.

Chett's very cool and suave in this one. 

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Deflecting laser beam

The Chett Quotient:

Chett GuhFactor: 9
Chett Intensity: 6
Chett Humor: 8