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Weird Science

2.16 Dead Can Dance

The boys hold a séance to impress their girlfriends. Of course, Chett interrupts, grabs the crystal ball and says he wants to meet a manly Donnelly ancestor.

His wish is granted. A portal opens and Uncle Baldash Donnelly appears from the 12th century. He’s a warrior, and Chett takes him under his wing and shows him all the modern conveniences. They bond. He teaches Baldash how to shotgun a beer. They roast a pig on a spit, and joust on lawnmowers. All very funny scenes.

During a dance party, another portal opens and one of Baldash’s warriors comes in to tell him their enemy is approaching. Baldash must go back to the 12th century and fight, and Chett wants to go with him. Wyatt tries to stop him, but Chett won’t budge. Wyatt, Gary and Lisa follow him through the portal. Wyatt ends up as a monk in the 12th century, while Lisa is a princess and Gary is a jester.

The battles soon starts and Wyatt interrupts it to keep peace. He gets the two sides to talking and they realize they were fighting for foolish reasons. Chett looks bored and suggests that each side choose a warrior to fight in his stead. The two sides agree.

Chett hopes he will be chosen by Baldash, so he gets all ready in his warrior makeup (a la Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"), but Baldash selects Wyatt, who is shocked. He ends up defeating his opponent by telling jokes and causing him to choke on a piece of chicken. Then he saves the guy and victory is declared. Chett is proud of his brother.

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