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Weird Science

2.14 Fly Boy

Gary has high-powered sneakers that allow him to fly. Soon there are UFO sightings reported all over the country. The FBI is called in – Agents Sculder and Molly – a take off on the X-Files.

Chett notices Agent Sculder scoping out the house and is ecstatic to meet a real G-man. He starts asking questions about becoming a fed, saying he’s applied many times but been rejected. Sculder asks Chett to help him and Chett is thrilled.

Later, he meets the FBI at the hotel and they hypnotize him to get information about his brother and Gary. While he’s under, he rants and rambles, crying out, “Mommie! Why can’t I play with the dollies?” and “The playground is full of scary girls.” 

Then he relives getting his memory zapped by Lisa over and over again. And having his head expanded and shrunken and exploded. He gets very agitated and there’s lots of vein action. This whole scene is hilarious and Lee plays it to the hilt.

When the FBI drag a dazed and traumatized Chett home, Gary crash-lands. The feds think Gary's an alien, and more X-Files antics ensue, but without Chett.

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